BANDS IM PLAYING SAT at 8pm gmt london – CHILLED

BANDS IM PLAYING SAT at 8pm gmt london on share and RT)

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Dirty Vertebrae Akcadamy Walking On Mercury Iamwarface Up From HereRusty Shackle Outline In Color New scientists Page The Navettes Mosley BarTheMoods Mark Pratt Luv Abstract Luna The Professor 2AM The Amber BugsBex and Freda BLANK STATE Carl North & The Lonely Hearts City Under Siege Clover The Girl Cursor Major Diplomatics Dishy Tangent DubvocalizaEffee Henry’s Funeral Shoe House Of Thieves IAMX Ideal Forgery @jm17034L’Asset Little Image Lucy Bernardez John Rhys-Davies So Does Your Mother



These videos are huge! So press play and leave running!

Unsigned metal (vid) (mp3)

Unsigned Chilled and Indie (vid) (mp3)


for mp3

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