Star of the Show!

Forget the Radioembargo team, aka Lucy, Rhydioembargo and Simon, seems the star of the show, and face everyone wants to be seen with is…….. Dwt!

We get tons of messages about our beautiful Burmese puss. He is a character, and radioembargo would not be the same without him. Check out his very own cartoon portrait (above) courtesy of artist Tim Timeh.

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog, and I hope you’ve been listening in every Saturday. Last week, Lucy started the show with a scorching hot playlist of Summery songs; perfect for the dreary rainy day we all experienced. Rhydian followed at 6pm, with a packed show full of golden oldie greats. Finally, Simon took us back to our rave days, with a prodigy vs pendulum special. Check out Lucy loosing it to some drum and bass on the archived video (gin may have been involved). 🍹🍹

This Saturday, expect much more of the same fun and silliness. We are all loving our radio show ten millions times more each week! I thoroughly enjoy chatting with you all during the show. Anyone want to Skype me?

Can’t wait for another boozy Saturday afternoon, full of excellent music. 3 more sleeps to go!!!!! 🌴💜🎶🍹

Here’s another picture of Dwt, as we know how much you love him!

Love from the radioembargo crew x

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