Grillstock 2017


I think I’ve just about recovered……
For the last four days the RadioEmbargo grillstock crew have been walking around like zombies, and nursing our sun-burnt skin. Simon in particular has a very fetching BANDANA tan line. 🤣🤣

Massive thank you to Michael, Duff and Emz, our RadioEmbargo angels, for such an awesome weekend. Also, big love and thank you to Zoidberg, Hannah, Dan and the rest of the Taunton crew; particularly as no major chilli incidents occurred this year 🌶️🌶️.  There was backstage madness on the Sunday, and I got to meet my favorite mariachi!

Listen in to RadioEmbargo on Saturday the 8th of July to hear all about our shenanigans. We will be playing memorable songs from the festival, and just loads of proper bangers. It’s a big show this week, due to our absence last week! We missed you!!

Tune in at from 4pm.


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