Download Festival Show

Tonight, get ready for a hard rock festival special here on RadioEmbargo. Give yourself some room for headbanging (safety first), and join us for a Download inspired playlist of joy!

I experienced Download for the first time last year, and was blown away by the whole weekend! We cheated the campsite, and stayed in the Hilton, but met (and still in contact with) some incredible people. With pictures of people’s tents only visible a couple of inches above the water line, I think a hotel was not a bad shout.

Highlights for me were Rammsteins incredible, pyrotechnic filled, set, and watching Iron Maiden from the big wheel! And can’t forget the moment Skindred played Justin Bieber 😂. Sadly, no Download this year, but been watching the highlights and am hugely jealous of everyone that went.

If, like me, you miss the music, beer and beautiful Download crowd, come join us for a selection of the best songs played at the festival over the last few years. RadioEmbargo Download special starts at 8pm UK time, and you can listen at

Come and chat with us about your favorite festival experiences, or tweet us your comments. Look forward having a beer with you all later xx

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